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In , she released her third and final studio album, Aaliyah. By the end of her music career, Aaliyah had four No. The singer was also a talented actress. She caught the acting bug as a child, appearing in a school production of Annie at the age of 6. The single reached No. She was also slated to appear in two Matrix films.

Aaliyah received many awards for her work.

Aaliyah died on August 25, , at the age of 22 in a plane crash. She said she had to draw on her faith so she could compose herself enough to continue her performance schedule.

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The hurt, the depth of it. Knight said when she went back on stage to do her performances, she sang songs for Aaliyah. And it was time for her to sing her songs elsewhere.

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But in actual fact his last words were far less intellectual. A music publisher friend reportedly brought the composer several bottles of wine as a gift on his deathbed, to which Beethoven said, " pity, pity, too late ". Beethoven was a central figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras in music and many of his compositions were considered innovative for the time.

For example he was the first to write symphonies that included the bassoon and the trombone.

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Overall Beethoven can be credited with raising instrumental music from below literature and painting, as it had been considered for several centuries, to the highest form of art. Nowadays his music has influenced culture outside of the world of classical music, for example a disco version of his fifth symphony is featured in the film Saturday Night Fever, called 'A Fifth of Beethoven'.

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In 'Ode to Joy' from his ninth symphony was voted to be the melody for the anthem of the EU and was also featured in the film ' Die Hard '. Beethoven's seventh symphony was used in the film 'The King's Speech', during the iconic scene where George VI makes his address to the nation.

He was the first musician to ever be given a salary just for composing as and when he wanted. Photo: Wikipedia. Beethoven moved permanently from Bonn, Germany, to Vienna, Austria, when he was Though his scruffy outward appearance gave many people the impression he was struggling financially, he actually lived quite comfortably in Vienna from money for commissions, publishing his work and giving lessons.

But then in after a huge quarrel with someone at a benefit concert, Beethoven talked of leaving the city. To keep him there as resident virtuoso and composer, a group of nobles banded together to provide him with an annual salary of 4, florins simply for staying in Vienna and composing whatever and whenever he wanted.

Beethoven was not necessarily a handsome man and that, combined with his long list of physical ailments and shabby appearance, meant he was not a huge hit with the ladies. But his talent and passionate character meant he did have a number of love affairs. Beethoven seemed to be mostly attracted to unobtainable women who were either not of his class, such as Julia, or married.

It seems he was also at one time engaged to Josephine Brunsvick, the widow of the elderly Graf von Dyem, and later to the daughter of one of his doctors, Therese Malfatti. Though both of these understandings fell through. After Beethoven died, a letter addressed to an anonymous 'Immortal Beloved' was found amongst his posessions.

But to this day biographers have been trying to unravel the mystery of who this woman was. There was even a film named after this letter, starring Gary Oldman, which explores Beethoven's life and love affairs though the historical accuracy may be a little lost in favour of plot. Bust of Beethoven, Beethoven Museum Vienna. Apart from his ever increasing deafness, which was likely caused by complications from a childhood illness, Beethoven apparently also suffered from a huge number of illnesses - colitis, rheumatism, typhus, abscesses, jaundice, and chronic hepatitis, to name but a few.

He died at home, during a thunderstorm, surrounded by friends and family. The most likely cause is liver failure due to the hepatitis and exacerbated by his fondness for a drink. Around 20, people attended Beethoven's funeral in Although he had never met him, the composer Schubert was one of the torch bearers as he was a great admirer of the maestro. A monument to the iconic musician and composer stands in Vienna and simple reads, 'Beethoven'.

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Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in Germany Browse jobs Post a vacancy. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions. Other pages Apartment rentals Noticeboard Discussion forum Site search. Share this article. December 17th marks the baptism of one of the most prolific and talented composers in history - Ludwig van Beethoven. To commemorate this day, here are 10 fascinating facts about his life. For years Beethoven falsely believed he was younger than he was The birth house of Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn. Photo: DPA For many years the iconic composer falsely believed he was born in rather than He published his first composition at age 12 Opus by Beethoven.

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Photo: DPA Beethoven was known for being incredible at improvisation, through which he created a wealth of compositions in his lifetime. Beethoven continued to compose music even after he became deaf 'Beethoven's trumpet, opus 13' by John Baldessari. Photo: DPA Beethoven's adult life is marked by a heroic struggle to continue his career as a musician and composer, despite increasing deafness.

Difficult family life Beethoven aged 13 by Unknown. Photo: DPA Ludwig van Beethoven's father was a failed court singer and put all his hopes onto the young Ludwig - forcing him to practice for hours every day and night and beating him for wrong notes.

10 fascinating facts about Beethoven to celebrate his birthday

Beethoven was a heavy drinker Portrait by Ferdinand Waldmueller. Photo: DPA Just like his father before him, Beethoven was fond of a drink and it most likely was a factor in his death at age His work has had a huge impact on the world. Get notified about breaking news on The Local.