January 13 scorpio astrology

Daily Horoscope January 13, 2017: Scorpio

Never forget a grudge. Therefore, if someone crosses their path forever, he will be deleted from his life.

Love and Compatibility for November 13 Zodiac

Enough, often, those born on January 13th are divorced from reality. Setting themselves difficult tasks, and trying to overcome them, they are not able to take a sober look at things, which often complicates their life. For everything that they undertake to do, they perform efficiently and accurately.

Do not tolerate if, someone nearby is not conscientiously fulfilling their duties. It is not uncommon to suffer from the fact that in their environment, faithful and devoted people are almost always absent.

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Having friends, those born on this day is a rarity. More than once, they will be the soul of the company, but surrounded by a large number of people, they will often feel lonely. Very loyal. Generous and disinterested to those whom they love. Therefore, people born on this day often have strong families. A reliable rear, not rarely becomes the key to success and an incentive for advancement in the period. Very attentive and caring to the representatives of the older generation in the family.

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Often are an example for their children, who, will imitate their lines of behavior. See More: Your Monthly Horoscope.


They often give the impression of being emotionally unstable, but they have the power to learn from their mistakes. They can see the funny side of even the most difficult situation.

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  • Blessed with a pleasing personality and happy disposition, January 13 natives are the envy of friends. They're witty and have the ability to make others feel good about themselves. Despite a reputation for being frivolous and fickle, they are stable and faithful. Partnership is important to them, and they are likely to marry young.

    January 13 natives have pride in what their family accomplished. They bring mostly happy memories from their childhood.

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    As parents, these career-driven individuals can see the need to change priorities and come to grips with their nurturing side. They make good parents because they're able to combine their own life-lessons with instinct. Looking good and feeling good are important to January 13 individuals. They are not especially robust, but they know how to compensate by doing everything right.

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    • While it's difficult for them to get excited about exercise , they are savvy about nutrition.